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Who we are at Spendown Finance


What some of our clients say. . .


David and the Spendown Finance team are a great resource for any of the business loan and funding turndowns we get here at the bank. They provide a second chance for our prospects and clients and have on many occasions made us look like heroes and heroines. When they get funded, the capital always comes right back to our bank. Plus, it just feels good to  help!

J.J., CEO of Midsize Community Bank

Our contracting company was growing so fast (and still is)! We needed some working capital to buy new equipment & trucks and to hire new employees to service some new larger companies. Spendown Finance was able to get us $140,000 in about a week as part of a two-stage funding plan. In stage two, we'll secure much longer-term funding with a line of credit attached, enabling us to really run our business like never before!

T.J., President of a Contracting Company

My company has a unique challenge in the medical field where it takes private insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid a while to pay us. Also, if there is any error with procedure coding, our payments are delayed. David explained the funding options to us and got us the short-term capital we needed to keep our firm in the game. Further, Spendown Finance's long term plan for our company has my team and I so excited about the future!

Y.H, Cardiac Home Health Care Company CEO

We were in a serious bind in between contracts where we needed funding to make payroll on Friday. I contacted David that Monday, and we had our funds on Thursday. Without that cash, we would have been out of business. I am so grateful!

L.U., Government Service Contractor

We never thought there was a financing option for purchases up to $20,000 that would link directly to our website's shopping cart.  There is no additional paperwork, and the checkout process is just like a credit card purchase.  We are eager to measure our new conversions from the program.

J.F., Electronics eCommerce Company President

We have an in-house consumer financing program offered by our corporate office, but it only approves down to a 650 credit score.  Now, with SPENDOWN'S 2nd chance program buying down to 540, our turndown conversion rate is 62%--a no brainer!

S.S., Retail Store Chain Executive

"We thought our former consumer finance deal was great.  But once Spendown came in, they showed us the light. We save an average of $7000 PER MONTH!"

Dr. H.K., Dentist

They got us a refund that was much larger than we ever expected!"

J.G., Roofing Company Owner

I love that we have a partner watching out backs and looking out for our best interests.

A.L., Title and Escrow Company President

We like being able to offer additional value to our clients and their bottom lines, whether it be capital for growth or working capital to overcome a temporary cash flow challenge. That's why we partner with Spendown Finance.

J.C., CPA Firm President

Spendown Finance successfully negotiated a long-standing contract we had in place with a long-standing vendor.  They were very conscious of our relationship with them, asked the tough questions, and got the job done, reducing our yearly cost on this contract north of $6000.

C.B., Alarm Company Operations Manager

I’m ready to learn what SPENDOWN can do for my business!