Strategic Partnerships for CPA Firms and Tax Practices

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Differentiate Your Firm from Your Competition to Increase Revenue and Add Value to Your Business Clients


We have a team that specializes in working with tax practices across the country, bringing specialized cost recapture, refinement and tax mitigation services to their clients. These platforms have allowed both promising and established firms to experience explosive growth, enhanced client retention and more comprehensive revenue.


Our team of legal, tax and engineering professionals work with you to enhance your brand (not ours) through the provision of the most proven and comprehensive series of reviews in the industry. Our efforts have resulted in 100’s of millions of dollars in benefit to tax professional clients.


The Process


Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call. Learn about the client firm and outline the opportunity (no cost or obligation to client firm)


Step 2: Data Gathering. Client firm provides appropriate documentation which is used to generate a proposal identifying findings. Average benefit per client is $282,000 (no cost or obligation to the client firm)


Step 3: Present findings. Outline the benefit to the client firm and disclose fees associated with the pursuit of the benefit. Client firm can decide to walk away at this point at no cost or obligation. If client firm does decide to move forward, they do so understanding the cost structure, which is also no-risk in nature (fees are contingency-based—no benefit = no fee to the client firm)


Client Firms


The tax practices we work with have used these platforms to benefit and acquire clients of all sizes, ranging from small “mom and pop” businesses up to Fortune 500 companies across every market sector.


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