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Do you offer any other asset-based lending programs?

Yes. We can use other types of assets as collateral as well, including equipment, stocks, and investment accounts. Contact us for details and specifics.

Do you offer regular business loans?

Yes. The qualification process and required documentation are very similar to those at a bank. That said, our loans offer much greater flexibility (i.e., use of funds, credit, time in business) and do not require traditional collateral (i.e., YOUR HOUSE!)

I currently have an SBA loan for my business, and I need more capital. Can you help me?

Usually yes! We can often take a second position to an SBA loan or other traditional bank loan with one of our private loans. Of course, it will depend on qualifications, but we'll certainly consider a deal like that.

I currently factor my receivables. Is there any way you can reduce my expense in that area?

Absolutely! Because we have multiple funding sources and banks all over the country seeking different rates of return on their investments, we offer expense reductions guaranteeing up to a 20% savings. Just contact us to see if you qualify.

Are there any limitations on what I can use my funding for?

There are no limitations on your use of funds with our revenue factoring business funding. However, you must specify what you are using the capital for with our term loans and lines of credit.

Can you help us with factoring of invoices or receivables?

Yes. We can provide funding for invoices. The cost of that will depend on the size of the invoice and your customer. We also offer a guaranteed savings on current invoice factoring deals. So, if you have a current factoring relationship, contact us about your potential savings.

I need funding to acquire an existing business, can you help with that?

Yes. You'll need some capital of your own to make this type of funding work, but we can usually help if the existing business has strong revenue and has been in business for at least 1 year.

Do you offer funding that more resembles a traditional bank loan?

Yes. There are stricter qualifications for these types of loans (i.e., stronger credit scores, longer length of time in business, stronger revenue, etc.), but certain businesses can qualify. Even better, we do not require traditional collateral to secure the loan (i.e., YOUR HOUSE!) Contact us for more details.

How does revenue factoring work, and do I qualify?

Revenue factoring allows businesses whose revenue is $20,000 a month or more secure the working capital funding they need in as few as 3 business days without collateral. While good credit is not required, we need for a business to be at least 1-year-old with annual revenue of $240,000 or more.

I don't have any collateral, and I need working capital quickly. Can you still help?

Absolutely. Our revenue factoring product is perfect for businesses that have been in business for at least 1 year and have monthly revenue of around $20,000 and above.

My company has IRS and government tax liens. Can you still help me get funding?

Yes, usually! We are very often able to secure funding for clients that have federal, state, and/or local tax liens.